Utilize this casting inside water tanks along with either a 4″ outlet x 4″ Vic (500190) or 4″ outlet x 3″ Vic (500192) casting.  Gasket 500191 is available. 

The part is designed so that the area of the water coming under the lip ½” from the bottom of the tank is much larger than the area of the 4” Vic outlet (Optional 3” Vic outlet).  This reduces the velocity of the water to limit the potential for a vortex.  Additionally, the feet at the bottom of the part are designed to prevent rotation and act as vortex breakers.

Eliminates cumbersome internal tank welding.



4" Tank Outlet Anti-Swirl Casting, mounts inside tank


Stainless Steel

Weight (approx.)

10 lbs.
In stock